While every other type of personal injury or property damage litigation is based on unintentional or negligent acts by a third-party, there are many situations where the responsible party actually intended to commit the act that injured or killed the plaintiff. Those situations of intentional injuries are more commonly referred to in litigation as “intentional torts.” The law has very different rules for plaintiffs to follow when an intentional act caused their damages. Types of intentional torts include:

  • Battery: Intentionally touching of a person, without consent, causing injury. Sexual battery, or rape are the most common
  • Assault: Intentionally putting a person in fear of a battery (no touching required)
  • Unlawful Imprisonment: Intentionally and wrongfully depriving someone of their freedom
  • Malicious Prosecution: Intentionally and wrongfully pursuing a criminal action
  • Libel: Damaging defamatory remarks that are written
  • Slander: Damaging defamatory remarks that are spoken
  • Intentional Infliction or Emotional Distress: Purposely causing psychological harm to a person

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